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Hockey puck, rattlesnake, monkey monkey underpants!

It's a big bag of weird in there.

3 October
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Just another kid who likes giraffes who like giraffes who like Arashi. Lucky for me, such an occurrence is fairly plentiful.

No really, you guys. If we're going to be serious, then hello! Reading this probably means that you're at least marginally interested in who I actually am, so here we go. I happen to be a young lady by the name of Alex, currently attending Lawrence University. I don't have a concrete major yet, but it's likely to be something useful, like English or Philosophy or Studio Art. You know, something practical. Something that will pretty much guarantee living in my parents' basement until I'm thirty. In addition to whichever extremely utilitarian major(s) I choose, I also intend to minor in Japanese or East Asian Studies. I've been studying Japanese for awhile and I find it absolutely fascinating -- plus, it only further enables the iron-clad grip Arashi has on my heart.

Speaking of which. Thanks to a one zelflame, I have an almost morally reprehensible crush on the five sparkly men known collectively as the Japanese boyband Arashi. I know that they're a super produced, completely silly bit of pop culture, but that doesn't stop me from fangirl flailing all over the place and loving them to bits ♥ Most of my journal entries are at least marginally related to the boys (and, more often than not, affectionately poking fun at them). They're really the primary reason I created a livejournal account at all, so I suppose it's to be expected.

I also have an affinity for general whimsy and nonsense. If it's silly, I probably like it. Rainicorns, Disney movies, and kitschy thrift store merchandise are all sure to make me chuckle.

On the more cultured side of things, I'm a lover of both the visual and literary arts. I hold a deep appreciation for good writing (though I admittedly produce very little of the stuff) and an even deeper appreciation for art (which I spend lots of time trying to learn to produce). I post lots of drawings and sketches in my journal, but if you'd like to see more, feel free to look me up on deviantArt -- my username there is the same as my lj :Db

I've never been especially good at keeping up with internet happenings, but I do try when I can. So if you think you'd like to be friends, don't be afraid to add me! Just send a quick PM along with it so I know a little bit about who you are :)